Women's Secrets To Looking Younger, Anti-aging remedy, Remove Wrinkles & Acne

Women's Secrets To Looking Younger, Anti-aging remedy, Remove Wrinkles & Acne

Women’s Secrets To Looking Younger


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Women’s Secrets To Looking Younger

Believe it or not, you don’t have to go under the knife to make yourself look younger. Here are some handy tips on how you can define age and ensure you look younger.

Less is more

You can add the years to your face by using and wearing too much make up, so one of our top tip for looking younger is to try and wear less.

Throw out that heavy foundation and avoid that weighty powdered look as these can both add on the years to your face. Heavy applications of powder are a definite a ‘no no’ if you want to look young, as they tend to settle on lines and/or wrinkles as well as making the skin look dry. Our advice is to choose lighter foundations, such as powder foundations, creams and tinted moisturiser – creamier makeup products can help to plump your skin too.

If you want to ensure you look younger, make sure you watch out with metallic colours with your make up – while they might look great they can also show up every wrinkle, line and blemish!

Your choice of lipstick and shade are also important tricks you can use to help you look younger. Avoid brown colours as these can age you as well as matte lipstick, which can enhance unwanted lip lines. Stick to creamier and moisturising lipsticks and glosses.

Youthful skin starts here

Keep yourself looking young by having a good skin routine that ensures skin stays hydrated – this can be achieved with proper cleansing, toning as well as moisturising of the skin. Make sure you use a suitable facial moisturiser that has a good SPF too, such as 15 or above.

You can also help your skin look younger by cutting out or reducing the amount of toxins that may damage it – these include alcohol, smoking, the sun and even caffeine. A high intake of such toxins can dehydrate your skin and increase the risks of fine lines and wrinkles.

Drinking lots of water can really help your skin’s appearance. Drinking six to eight glasses a day can really help you look younger as it ensures skin is hydrated and has a dewy glow.

Eyebrow wonders

Make your face look younger by shaping your eyebrow in an arch – this helps to add an instant lift. However, just remember not to over pluck – once you reach your 30’s, eyebrow hair does not grow back as quickly as it once did!

If you suffer from rogue grey eyebrow hairs then look for coloured brow gel which can help conceal them and make you look younger!

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