Understanding The Health Industry (Episode #237) | The Healthy Skeptics

Understanding The Health Industry (Episode #237) | The Healthy Skeptics


Understanding The Health Industry (Episode #237)

The Case for DHEA:
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Fitness conscious shoppers today are overwhelmed and annoyed. Their email and Facebook pages are filled with bizarre hype and often outright deceptions. At the same time, they’re aware that spectacular advances are being made in preventive and regenerative health care.

In 2048, 11 million Americans (including Stephen) will rejoice in their 100th birthday. But we all will be somewhere in 30 years.
The concern is whether you will roll in at 2048 with a good fit figure and an active, creative mind.

My2048 integrates the intellectual and research expertise of an internationally celebrated biochemist with the clinical insights of a double board approved physician concentrating in anti-aging.

No Hype. No Webaloney – Stephen and Natalie are known as The Healthy Skeptics, and their instructional site, TheHealthySkeptics.com, is dedicated to showing clients what to EXPLORE and what to IGNORE. Their Nutrition Detective course, taught at a UCLA extension course for nurses, has helped thousands of health seekers to separate the fads from the facts, and make truly informed choices.

There are only 24 hours in a day. If you burn up your time adhering to fads and elusions, you are going to miss the true breakthroughs. Of course, you’re also going to waste cash. That’s unfortunate, but not significant because you can always make more money. The real issue is time. You can’t make more time. Thus My2048.com is committed to giving you everything you need to know, and everything you need to do in order to reach and preserve peak wellness in body and mind.”

Stephen Cherniske and Dr. Natalie Kather are your Nutritional biochemist & & M.D. Your personal biomedical professionals! Research, Experience and levity. Explore or Ignore!”

Stephen Cherniske, M.S – A biochemist and previous educational institution instructor in Clinical Nutrition. He served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, advised members of the US Olympic team, and directed the nation’s primary federally licensed clinical laboratory specializing in diet and immunology. A best-selling author with more than a million copies in print, Stephen has an impressive gift for communicating breakthrough science that inspires, entertains and inspires.

Natalie Kather, M.D – She received her medical degree from The University of Utah School of Medicine. She is board-certified in Family Medicine, as well as Anti-aging, with specializations in women’s health and wellness, hormone balancing and human performance. Natalie is recognized as a pioneer in the emerging science of metabolic medicine, and frequently serves as Principal Investigator for clinical trials in that arena. Her clinic, Advanced Family Wellness, is found in Olympia Washington, where she lives with her partner, Stephen Cherniske.

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