THIS Exercise Will BUST Your Weight-Loss Plateau

THIS Exercise Will BUST Your Weight-Loss Plateau

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So today I want to talk about how to use lateral movements in your exercise sessions to bust a plateau. I want to talk about how to rotate your time of day to overcome exercise plateaus, the time of day that you exercise. And number three is how to cycle your fasted versus your fed exercise sessions to overcome weight loss plateau.

So the reason that my body is fighting back right now is because I’ve dieted and exercise very, very hard for the last five and a half weeks. And when you do this and you consistently keep your body in a calorie deficit like this, no matter what happens you’re going to start suppressing some of your hormones and you’re going to experience something called metabolic slowdown. So this is also a phenomenon known as metabolic adaptations. And this is what causes weight loss plateaus.

So everything I previously used is not working, so I’m going to change things up. I started it today with lateral movements. So most high-intensity exercise sessions, cardiovascular work, is done forward and then sometimes backwards. So if you think about all the cardio machines out there, you’re consistently moving forward, elliptical, treadmill, if you’re walking outside or running outside, your forward. Now elliptical, you could go backwards, too.

But there’s no side to side movements. And there are some really good research out of Australia comparing exercisers who use lateral movements versus those who went straight ahead, And the lateral movement group had significantly better results from a performance standpoint, a fat-loss standpoint, and an increase in their metabolic rate afterwards– that epoch, excess, post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is at the rate at which your metabolism increases after an exercise session, went up in the lateral group.

So try some lateral movements. I went out to the street today and I did shuffles, back and forth, like side shuffles, like defensive basketball shuffles, for 30 seconds as hard as I could go. And then I would walk for three to five minutes. And then I would repeat that shuffle again. This is a cardio session I’m doing in the morning on an empty stomach to help bust that plateau.

Now, you could also use lateral movements on a stepmill, if you’re climbing stairs, or doing anything like that. You can do side to side shuffles right in your dang living room if you wanted to, just an effective way to break a weight loss plateau. Now, speaking of fasted exercise, I’m also experimenting with fat exercise. So I’m going to talk about that, this is the last plateau buster. I want to talk about how to rotate and cycle those.

But this next trick is just changing the time of day that you exercise. So a couple of days of the week, instead of working out in the morning now, I’m going into the gym in the afternoon and making that sacrifice. Now I know this doesn’t work out with a lot of people’s schedules. But if you currently exercise in the morning, consistently, just try to find a couple days of the week where you switch that time of day. And vise versa, if you always exercise at night, wake up, set your alarm a half hour earlier, and just try to get in 10 to 12 minutes of high-intensity calisthenics, or something like weight movements, or jumping rope, or even walking before you start your day.

And this could potentially help you break your plateau, because now you’re tricking your metabolism. Remember, the body is very good at adapting. And that’s what I’m experiencing right now, metabolic slow down and metabolic adaptation. So this last trick is now feeding before exercise sessions three days, at least three days of the week, I’m having both carbs and protein. I choose liquid form because I wanted to be absorbable and I don’t want to be burping up food when I’m working out, OK?

But research shows that protein taken before and after exercise increases muscle protein synthesis, so It will help you grow muscle. However, I am a huge fan of fasted exercise because of the hormonal effect that kicks up that sympathetic nervous system. So when you exercise at a high intensity in a fasted state, you release growth hormone and adrenaline. And these are great fat burning, anti-aging hormones.

So lastly, what I’m going to do tomorrow is I’m going to increase my carb intake significantly for two days in a row. This is another trick that will help reset leptin and thyroid hormones that have been suppressed inside my body from dieting and exercising so hard over the last several weeks. So using high-carb, starch and fruit-based meals with lean-quality protein. All day long tomorrow I’ll probably eat 1,000 more calories than I normally will. And this will boost my metabolism and fat burning hormones.


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