These hand creams were voted best in tests for anti-ageing and fading age spots – The News

These hand creams were voted best in tests for anti-ageing and fading age spots – The News

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For any copyright, please send me a message.  How exciting can a hand cream be?  Extremely, if you look at the delighted feedback for these top-scorers.  As part of our Real Beauty Awards this year, we sent out a variety of different hand creams, across all price ranges, to our expert testing panel of real women.  And it turns out, these three top-rated products made a huge difference to people’s hands, as testers sent us rave reports of smoothed skin and faded age spots.  In fact, our testers raved about the difference just one little cream could make… Winner: , £15    A hands-down winner – one of the most universally loved products we  tested for this year’s awards.  Every tester thought it was an exceptional moisturiser that gave them younger-looking hands to be proud of.  In fact, everyone got results so impressive that others noticed!  Our tester said: ‘This product was in a different class to other hand products I’ve ever used.  ‘Pigmentation and dry, crinkly skin improved ten-fold.  ‘It also improved my confidence, as I used to hide my hands away.  ‘Liquid gold in a tube. 10/10.’  Another said: ‘It really is like a facelift for your hands.  ‘My hands feel silky smooth and have no dry, rough patches.  ‘The age spots and mixed skin tones are far more even and lighter – the lightest age spots have disappeared.  ‘In my job I have to shake hands with lots of people, and for the first time in a very long time I felt confident my hands didn’t feel rough and dry.  ‘In fact, they feel like silk.  ‘My nails also look in incredible condition, and for someone who has very soft nails that’s saying something.’ Highly commended: Lano Coconutter Hand Cream Intense, £8.99    So much to love about this gorgeous- smelling cream that left skin super-soft and looking younger.  Everyone would keep on using this, while three of our five testers were complimented on their beautiful hands.  Our tester said: ‘This is a wonder!  ‘It has a velvety feel once applied, and brilliant for making hands look younger.  ‘I apply this daily and my hands don’t feel dry any more – before they were very dry and rough.  ‘I received compliments from friends and a customer saying how soft my hands are!’ Highly commended: , £24.99 Read More Sunday Magazines  This fast-working cream had some huge fans, and everyone saw anti -ageing benefits to their hands.  The scent wasn’t to one tester’s taste, but all our others loved it and thought this product really lived up to its name.  Our tester said: ‘My hands look plumped up, smooth, soft and hydrated. Definitely younger looking.  ‘My nail technician commented on how soft my hands were and she sees me regularly.  ‘In fact, she claimed they were the softest she had seen and she see


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