The Spock Brow and Botox Brow Droop Fix Portland Oregon Style Aesthetics with Dr Rajani

The Spock Brow and Botox Brow Droop Fix Portland Oregon Style Aesthetics with Dr  Rajani Dr Rajani reviews forehead botox, dysport, xeomin and jeuveau. All are neurotoxins or neuromodulators. They are used to reduce lines wrinkles and folds to create a smooth lifted refreshed look for the face and skin.
They decrease muscle movement and can alter brow shape by lowering or raising depending on injections site. Each patient has different goals and needs as well as anatomy and variations.

Fillers and neuromodulators like botox are important in creating beauty and youth. They must be dosed and placed correctly and in combinations for a natural look.
A before and after picture is displayed in the video for your viewing pleasure.

Just filling is not the answer and can look unnatural. PDO threads and plasmasculpt is often added as aging progresses.
You can see in the before and after picture. Plasmasculpt is also a procedure of choice especially for the lower face for a natural long lasting look. It is developed and used exclusively by Dr Rajani.
Watch it here.

Which botox is best

New PDO Infinity Threads

Infinity PDO Threads injected with 3D before and after

Dermal filler complications

Sculptra Butt Lift

The Brow Lift PDO and Botox

PlasmaBoosters and MesoGlo can be added.

All natural lip filling is possible with PlasmaLip at

Ongoing maintenance is paramount. Each patient has specific needs, goals and invasive tolerance. The brows can be lifted with botox in this video listed below.
Lower face botox is demonstrated in the following video:

Maintenance of skin and facial aging is now valued and a proven concept. if there is too much loose skin a face lift or surgical facial procedure is preferred. Once this is done a client can then start maintenance and often volume restoration. Adding filler to lift the face when there is too much loose skin can lead to a fake look.
Watch our Viora V-FR IPL combination treatment here:

Here are some videos people find interesting to watch for aesthetics in Portland Oregon Get Cheap Filler:

Watch 3D lip filler

Lip filling Cannula Vs Needle

Watch MicroTox Injections

Lip Filler before After Pictures

Style Aesthetics provides Botox, lip filler procedures and dermal fillers in Portland Oregon. DR Rajani is a trainer for AIAM, Galderma, Allergan, Suneva, Merz Viora, CoolSculpting, Dermasculpt Microcannula, PRF and a sought after speaker and educator. Dr. Rajani is noted for his signature Trademarked procedures – PlasmaSculpt, PlasmaGlo, PlasmaLip and now PlasmaBoosters. For more helpful tips to keep your skin beautiful, young, and healthy along with before and after photos, information on procedures, and verified reviews from patients check out;
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