The case for longevity politics

The case for longevity politics

Significant progress has been made over recent years in the scientific study of aging. Researchers now have a better understanding of how aging increases the likelihood and severity of many diseases. A number of promising techniques are under development, with the potential to slow down or even reverse many aspects of aging, resulting in healthier, longer lives. Unfortunately, this research faces a number of bottlenecks. However, political initiatives could resolve these bottlenecks, and accelerate the attainment of what has been called “the longevity dividend”.

That’s the view of Attila Csordas, who is standing for election as an MEP representing the UK’s East England region, on a platform of “advancing health and longevity”. Attila advocates four steps:

1.) Place the topic of healthy longevity into the public limelight, encouraging political innovation to quickly speed up ongoing scientific and technological innovation in biomedicine and associated fields

2.) Provide an additional 30 billion euros, yearly for the cause of healthy longevity research, out of the EU budget

3.) Set up a coordinated European Institute for Healthy Longevity Research

4.) Establish accessible education programmes for everybody, to increase the awareness of people of all ages about biological aging and the advances towards healthy longevity.

In this London Futurists live video hangout, Attila answered questions about his campaign – including links he has established with the Party for Health Research in Germany.

Viewers were able to submit text questions in real-time, in the live chat window.

For more information about Attila and his campaign, see

For a list of the candidates for election in the East of England constituency, see (seven will be selected).

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