#ThankstoEducation Patricia Has This in Common With Einstein and Curie

#ThankstoEducation Patricia Has This in Common With Einstein and Curie

Einstein had it. Marie Curie had it. So did Manhattan Project scientist Chien Shiung Wu and biochemist Marie Maynard Daly. They all had within them a passionate curiosity that inspired them to constantly test out new theories and expand their knowledge. Researcher Patricia Andrews Fearon gives #ThankstoEducation for inspiring in her the same passionate curiosity about the world–and to never stop learning.


This year Room to Read is reaching a major milestone — by the end of 2015 we will have benefitted 10 million children through our work in Literacy and Girls’ Education. These are 10 million children whose lives are forever changed, thanks to education.

How do we celebrate that kind of impact? As we think about what the future holds for these 10 million children, we want to celebrate them by sharing how education has impacted our own lives, our families and communities. You can join us.

Use the #ThankstoEducation hashtag on social media to share your gratitude for the role education has played in shaping your life, your family and your community. Add your voice to the #ThankstoEducation conversation and help raise awareness about the crucial issue of global education!


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