Teen skincare routine + glass skin

Teen skincare routine + glass skin

Hey! In this video I’ll be showing you how I do my skincare. @precious.wonyoungiee on instagram sent me DM If I could make a video about how I do my routine so here it is.

Hope you enjoy!


All opinions on the products are mine and I am not sponsored by any of the products mentioned in this video. The products I’m using may work for me, but it may not work for everyone.

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Products mentioned:
– Eskinol classic white toner – P60
– Skinpotions Tomato Serum – P295 (from @cartel.hq on Instagram)
– Bench Aloe Vera Gel – P198
– Nivea Creme – Idk it was given to me from Japan.
– Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice facial mist – P199
– Bentonite Clay Mask – P160 (from @cartel.hq on instagram, they also have and actual store)

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Instagram: @kynuwu
Snapchat: llostyy
Facebook: Sabrina Gonzaga
For inquiries / business contact: gonzagasabrina965@gmail.com

This is so rare. Me posting a new video after another? Woah. 🤣

If you’re reading this comment “I love my skin, I love myself!”

– Sab ❣️


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