Stem Cell Production – II – Anti-Aging, Cure All, Cell, Tissue, Cartilage Regeneration

Stem Cell Production – II – Anti-Aging, Cure All, Cell, Tissue, Cartilage Regeneration

Frequencies used: 1 Hz, 1.5 Hz, 1.618033 Hz, 4.5 Hz, 7.5 Hz, 10 Hz, 15 Hz, 40 Hz, 50 Hz

Stem cells are unique among other cells in respect to the way in which they can undergo mitosis (cell division). A stem cell is a cell which is undifferentiated but can undergo unlimited division to form other cells, which either remain as stem cells or differentiate to form specialized cells when provided with the proper stimulus or environment. Stem cells can transform into over 200 different types of cells, such as: blood cells, nerve cells, skin cells, muscle cells, liver cells, and heart cells just to name a few.

Researchers are attempting to learn exactly how stem cells know how to decide how and which cells to make. It is known that the behavior of stem cells is highly dependent on the environment in which they reside.

The parent stem cell can divide to produce:
1. two daughter stem cells
2. one daughter and one differentiated cell
3. two differentiated cell

We need to find an ethical method of harvesting pluripotent stem cells or an ability to transform unipotent cells into pluripotent cells.

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