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Skin care tips- Home use lasers

Home use LED or Low Level Laser Emission Devices are gaining popularity. Today I revive the most expensive system for home use – the Zero Gravity Perfectio Plus. This at home device uses red light as well as infrared light to heat the skin to 107 degrees F. This stimulates blood flow to decrease pigmentation, heats the dermis and hypodermis in turning improving pores, pigmentation, acne, pimples, as well as stimulating collagen to replicate and contract. The idea to provide skin rejuvenation with better skin texture, less wrinkles and a laser face lift. Too good to be true? I am very sceptical about this devices, but will run it through a series of tests using different ages, and races- type one to type four skin. My end parameters are the before and after photos, in addition to patient satisfaction rates. The spin however is to rate this device if they had to invest nearly $7000 AUD for the Zero Gravity.

Other devices I will be reviewing will be the Neutrogena LED mask, and the Nu Face microcurrent system later in 2018. All devices are tested without any conflicts of interests and are handed back to the manufacturer after testing.

I use low lever laser emitting devices on a daily basis to treat acne, improve wound healing and most importantly to treat skin cancer. Photodynamic therapy is a treatment for acne and skin conditions such as sun spots, actinic keratosis, solar keratosis and some forms of skin cancer called IEC or Bowen’s disease. This treatment can also treat superficial BCCs or basal cell cancers. Photodynamic therapy is a non-surgical and well tolerated treatment that combines the use of a special photosensitizing agent. This chemical is activated with a specific wavelength and intensity of light. It is a two-part treatment. Firstly ALA is administered to the skin via a cream. An incubation period of 15- 60 minutes is need for absorption of the cream. This is followed by exposure under a specific light source for several minutes. In the United States the most popular is blue light combined with Levulan. In Australia, we use Metvix and Aktalite or Healite using the red-light spectrum. PDT is known as a ‘field treatment’, and is applied to the affected area and surrounding tissue. Virtually any area can be treated with PDT, including the face, scalp, hands and chest. This treatment is entirely covered by DVA if one has a White Card for skin conditions or a Gold Card. PDT in the blue and red light spectrum can also treat acne, zits, pimples and blackheads.

For acne we have replaced the old Omnilux Blue with the Kleresca Dual Blue lamps with 2 secret spectrums of blue light. This unit has a higher output than Omnilux, and is calibrated for both rejuvenation and acne treatment mode. Klereseca gel can improve acne clearance by over 40% with the addition of ALA or Biophotonic gel. The mode of action is to kill bacteria with light. This is my preferred way of treating acne, as it has no side effects – unlike taking antibiotics or Oratane-Accutane.

Guys, thanks for watching this brief video on at home devices,- though skeptical, I am looking forward to the before and afters of the Zero Gravity Perfectio Plus. Let the testing begin. Please subscribe for weekly videos, one new video every Saturday morning, Brisbane Australia time.

Dr Davin Lim, Laser and aesthetic dermatologist.
Brisbane, Australia.


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