Reviews ZHANGZ0 Portable Hydrogen Rich,Cup Water Electrolysis Small Molecule…

Reviews ZHANGZ0 Portable Hydrogen Rich,Cup Water Electrolysis Small Molecule…

ZHANGZ0 Portable Hydrogen Rich,Cup Water Electrolysis Small Molecule Alkaline Quantum Hydrogen Portable Glass Cup Health Negative Ion Tea Cup 500Ml
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Product Name: Hydrogen-rich water cupBattery capacity: 1000MAHCharging time: 2HWater cup capacity: 500MLCup: 70*270MMCup material: EASTMAN TRITAN (Eastman material)Applicable temperature: 1~80°CVoltage: 5vBenefits of drinking molecular hydrogen water:1.) Improve the level of hydration (6 times higher than normal water).2.) Improve the nutrient absorption of supplements.3.) Enhance anti-aging performance.4.) Anti-inflammatory properties.5.) Improve sleep quality6.) Improve brain function and memory, etc.The pressure of life and work makes the body worse and worseThe spirit can’t keep up with thinking, because the stress of irritability and the damage of day and night are getting bigger and bigger, so we need a water cup rich in hydrogen.The hydrogen-rich water uses a platinum-titanium electrolytic chip. Through the hydrogen-oxygen separation process, long-term drinking can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, eliminate free radicals in the body, and effectively improve sub-health.
* [Excellent versatility]: The generator is suitable for distilled water, purified water, mineral water and tap water. The mineral water bottle can be mounted directly on the base of the main unit. Suitable for making hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere.
* [Reliability Technology]: Remove impurities, make water more easily absorbed by the body, and contain minerals. It takes only 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water. Portable hydrogen-rich water electrolyzers provide you with healthier water.
* [Safe and durable]: – Food grade safety material. The portable health care bottle is made of high quality environmentally friendly food grade silicon glass, which is durable, safe and reliable. It can be easily charged by phone via a USB cable.
* [MIRCLE WATER]: – High quality water bottles contain hydrogen-rich biotin that reacts positively with water to remove all impurities in the water, including heavy metals and fluoride.
* [Impact Life]: It will greatly increase your water intake and slowly use it to ingest water. You may experience some symptoms of detoxification. Customers who use it are very grateful for the improvements it has brought to the body. Use one charge, use about 15 times, portable travel, work, office.

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