Regenerate EGF & Stem Cell Serum | Stimulate New Tissue Growth for Antiaging, Acne and Pigmenation

Regenerate EGF & Stem Cell Serum | Stimulate New Tissue Growth for Antiaging, Acne and Pigmenation

I want to talk about WHY we love our Regenerate EGF & Stem Cell Serum so much.

First, what is EGF? Also known as : Rh-Oligopeptide-1

Epidermal Growth factor is one of the most important growth factors in the body. It is found in the fibroblast cells in the dermal layer of skin.

It is released naturally when there is trauma to the skin. So if you get a cut – the EGF protein is what actually kicks the healing into action and causes your skin to knit back together.

It actually starts the process to create new skin tissues.
Now, there are many reasons that we would want to stimulate new tissue production – healing acne for one, reducing the depth of wrinkles for another and even decreasing the content of melanin to help with pigmentation. So EGF is really helpful for all these skin issues and more!

Now, Where does the EGF come from?

No one was harmed in the making of this product. Rest assured – though it IS a human EGF gene.

It is cloned, fermented and purified in a laboratory to give us our finished ingredient.

Introducing our Regenerate EGF & Stem Cell Serum

Regenerate serum is a thin, slippery – ultra spreadable concentrated serum for all skin types.

We have 4 key ingredients in this product.

1. Epidermal Growth Factor
2. Citrus Stem Cells
3. Apple Stem Cells
4. Syn-Hycan

Epidermal Growth Factor is especially helpful for anyone that uses exfoliating products, be it a daily serum or scrub, a weekly acid peel or even a monthly treatment. Your skin will benefit from Regenerate’s building support, anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to increase your natural Hyaluronic acid content. Hyaluronic acid creation is extremely important due to the fact that it sharply declines as we age.

Take a look at a young child. See their beautiful, moist, plump healthy skin? That is hyaluronic acid at work. We need every drop of that we can get.

You will find that our EGF percentage in this product is very high. It has over 2000 international units.

Citrus Stem Cells are especially helpful for those that need more elastin in their skin. It helps to organize and densify the dermis structure. This helps to smooth wrinkles. It is also a free radical scavenger and will help to make your skin velvety smooth as it improves your micro relief.

Apple Stem Cells help to protect the longevity of skin stem cells. They delay the biological aging of essential cells, increase the vitality of skin stem cells, and help to decrease wrinkle depth.
This can be the perfect product in your Evening regimen and is generally one of the FIRST products we recommend for any type of problems in the skin.

Syn-Hycan is a specialty ingredient that helps with the jawline, neck and other areas by tightening up sagging skin. It does this by boosting the hyaluronic content and collagen fiber strength. Basically firming and remodeling.

How do I use it?

1. You’ll want to apply our Regenerate EGF & Stem Cell Serum 1-2x per day onto freshly cleansed skin.

2. This should be one of the first products you apply. We want it right next to your skin. The only other serum that would go on before this, would be our Fade Bright.

3. This would be excellent to apply right after a microdermabrasion treatment, or needling treatment or after rinsing a chemical peel off. Then follow with any other treatments, serums, oils or creams for regeneration and healing.

What else can I use with this?

Pretty much all Platinum products can be used in conjunction with our Regenerate Serum to help with Acne, Antiaging and skin pigmentation issues. Here are a few great examples:

Fade Bright can be applied each evening as a first layer with Regenerate on TOP.

GABA Elite or DermaSnap 8LM can be applied on TOP of Regenerate.

Retinol Molecular Serum can be applied on TOP of Regenerate.

Exceptions – Cautions!

Now, EGF causes tissue growth, so there are definitely a couple of circumstances when we do NOT want to apply it.

1. If you have a cancerous lesion you will not want to apply EGF as it will stimulate regeneration.

2. If you have psoriasis we do NOT want you to apply Regenerate as that is an overgrowth of tissues that we do not want to exacerbate.

Do you still have more questions? Go ahead and contact us. We are here for you.


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