Personal Trainer Gets Fat on Purpose to See How Hard it is to Lose Weight

Personal Trainer Gets Fat on Purpose to See How Hard it is to Lose Weight

The Real Skinny on Fat is a 9-part documentary series that uncovers the truth about FAT and how it affects your health, your weight, and your aging.
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The following video is the full length interview I did with Drew Manning, discussing his amazing and motivational story! We released a highlight version a few weeks ago but decided to post the full interview for you all to see.

Drew is a renown personal trainer with a unique story, he is a Keto coach, blogger, and bestselling author of fit2fat2fit. This second concept was based on Drew’s own experience of intentionally gaining 75 lbs of fat through a combination of quitting exercise completely and eating an unhealthy diet of processed and sugary foods —in large quantities— for 6 months, in order to put himself in his clients’ shoes and better understand the reality of food addictions, the struggle of weight loss, self-control, discipline, and eating properly, and much more, which he explains in detail in this video. The results he experienced are fascinating from a weight loss and health and wellness perspective and give us real insight into the process of transforming our bodies, both in the right and wrong ways. 

Special thanks to Drew for his time and being involved in the series and for sharing his knowledge and experience. Be sure to visit my website to learn more about the full documentary and of course, hit that subscribe button to get notified as well as the little notification bell to receive alerts, as more of this content is coming up soon. Also check out our two earlier videos on this channel where I interview Mark Sisson and Ben Greenfield. The is a wealth of combined knowledge and experience to learn from.

Happy viewing and thanks! 🙂



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