Obese Woman Loses Over 400 Pounds… But The Reason Why Is Truly Bizarre

Obese Woman Loses Over 400 Pounds… But The Reason Why Is Truly Bizarre

Amber Rachdi’s uncontrollable eating habits were threatening her own life. In fact, doctors had told her that she wouldn’t live past her twenties. Understandably, then, she finally made the decision to tackle her obesity once and for all. And when you see the results of her incredible transformation, you’ll surely agree that it was worth the effort.

Amber, from Troutdale, Oregon, weighed in at 154 pounds when she was just five years old. And this was only the beginning of her problems with weight gain. You see, Amber claims that she ate healthy food throughout her childhood – just far too much of it. In adulthood, though, she would often consume five large meals in a day, all served up by her parents.

Amber has since realized that her eating habits were linked to the extreme anxiety from which she suffers. “I have a lot of anxiety, and I am at peace when I eat,” she subsequently told the Daily Mail. Her mom, Patty, agreed, stating that food has a calming influence on her daughter. It also came to be her demon, however, and set her on the path to massive weight gain.



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