Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) Absorption Issues 2020

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) Absorption Issues 2020

NMN is a molecule that’s generating a huge buzz in the anti aging world, but can our body actually absorb it? If NMN has a poor oral absorption rate then this supplement may not benefit you at all.

As we age, our levels of NAD+ in our cells goes down.
This means a group of proteins called Sirtuins don’t have any fuel left to run.
Sirtuins can reverse DNA damage, lengthen our telomeres at the ends of our chromosomes, and reduce our overall levels of inflammation.
So if we don’t have enough NAD+ to allow our Sirtuins to do their job, that’s a bad scenario and is one of the leading theories as to why we age.

Unfortunately, we can’t just take NAD+ directly. NAD+ is a large molecule and our gut can’t absorb it.
That’s where NMN comes in.

NMN is converted to NAD+ within our cells, so if we can get NMN into our cells, then we have a winner.
So we need to know three things about NMN:
1. Does the NMN supplements actually contain NMN?
2. Can our gut absorb NMN into our bloodstream
3. Can the absorbed NMN be converted into NAD+ by all the organs in our body?

This video answers these three questions about NMN.

Here’s all the supplements I current take (I am not affiliated with any of these brands):
1 gram in the morning with yogurt
Brand: MegaResveratrol

30 grams of broccoli sprouts in the morning at home
20-30mg of glucoraphanin & myrosinase supplement on holidays
Brand: Jarrow

When I reach 30 years old, I plan to start using these (again, not affiliated):
1 gram in the morning
Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

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