NHS Doctor Says Meat is Healthy!

NHS Doctor Says Meat is Healthy!

Recently an anti-vegan channel had an interview with an NHS doctor who claimed animal products including meat and saturated fat are not a concern for human health. Do his claims have any scientific backing?

Meat of the Matter’s interview:

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Research referenced:
Vegan diets suitable for all ages of the life cycle and are nutritionally adequate:
Vegans/vegetarians are not at higher risk of iron deficiency:

Nutrient intake/status in vegans, vegetarians and omnivores:

Heme iron and cancer risk:

Saturated fats and CVD:

Optimal LDL:

LDL and atherosclerosis prevalence/severity:

LDL causes atherosclerosis:

Saturated fat promotes type 2 diabetes:

Vegans have the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes:

Benefits of fiber on prevention of chronic disease:

Plant based low carb protective against all cause mortality whereas meat based low carb diets increase risk of all cause mortality:

Low fat whole food plant based diet reverses coronary artery disease:

The French paradox explained:

Omega 3 fats have no protective benefit against all cause and heart disease mortality:

Plant production of vitamin D:

Vitamin D found in mushrooms are as effective at raising and maintaining vitamin D status as vitamin D2 or D3 supplements:

Vegan diets are protective against ischemic heart disease and cancer:

Vegans/vegetarians have lower risk of all cause mortality


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