Natural Living Family Podcast 26 Detoxing Your Home and Life Pt 2

Natural Living Family Podcast 26 Detoxing Your Home and Life Pt  2

Why are we focusing so much on detoxing your bathroom, laundry and garden in this week’s episode? You may not realize it, but many of the popular brands that you use in your laundry, bathroom, and garden are exposing your family to toxic chemicals.

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If someone in your home has an unexplained rash, allergic reaction, or even more serious health issue, these products may be at the root of the cause. Today’s episode on detoxing your bathroom and other rooms of your home can help.

There are safe and effective products for your laundry, for example. The common myth is that nontoxic products are too expensive but a little comparison shopping will show you that healthier versions only cost a little bit more in many cases.

And, you can save even more money with simple DIY recipes and by replacing harmful synthetic fragrances ( with essential oils. In fact, our natural living tip shows you how to make detergent for $20 for up to 150 loads of laundry!

In this episode, we’ll provide tips on affordable and manageable ways of detoxing your bathroom as well. We’ll talk about why you should avoid some of these popular brands ( and how to take your home detox step by step. We even share some great recipes for body care and garden.

Remember, this is all about being healthy and honoring God with your bodies. We want to be strong enough to age gracefully ( Join us today and learn how a home detox can help you with healthy living!


– Topic intro and what’s in our diffuser (2:11)
– Announcements: what’s ahead for Natural Living Family (4:10)
– The year of Mama Z’s: her new classes and projects (6:11)
– Are you feeling stagnant? (12:11)
– Testimonial and new all-access membership (14:32)
– How to detox your laundry (17:08)
– What’s wrong with conventional laundry products? (28:28)
– Detoxing your bathroom products (38:49)
– Affordable nontoxic personal care products (46:01)
– Chemicals and women’s health (50:47)
– How we find and vet products (53:47)
– Detoxing your garden (57:08)
– Skin allergy essential oil blend (1:06:16)
– Natural living tip and episode wrap (1:08:41)


“In the spirit of creating a toxic-free, healthy home, laundry is probably one of the most easily missed areas.” – Dr. Z

“Shampoos, conditioner, soaps, and other bath products from popular brands can be very toxic.” – Mama. Z

“We want to be strong and healthy all the way through our old age to ensure we’re aging gracefully.” – Dr. Z

“Do not use the mulch that is colored or has chemicals on it because it will affect the food you grow.” – Mama Z

“We want to impress on you that you can afford nontoxic living regardless of your income.” – Dr Z

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