Natalie Jill – Clear Up All Myths On Aging

Natalie Jill – Clear Up All Myths On Aging

Are you ready to age in reverse? Tired of worrying about how to stay healthy? In this episode, we dive into the idea of how we can age in reverse and level up our lives. The conversation focuses on how you can use fitness as the first step into the life you’ve always wanted. Natalie helps us understand what to do when you realize it’s time to surrender and make a change.

In this episode I talk with Natalie Jill, a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps women Age in Reverse and level up their lives. She joins us to discuss how she became a fat loss expert. At age 47, Natalie has rebuilt and created everything from nothing three times over. Today, we really dig deep into the secrets to aging in reverse, as well as building a community on social media. Natalie shares advice on how we can change our story around fitness and aging, and finally stop stopping ourselves.

Questions I asked:

Tell us about your journey to where you are today.
Why did people identify with your journey?
Why did you write Aging in Reverse?
How did you change your mindset toward injury?
How can we get people to change their story in their head?
How can we stop stopping ourselves?
Why is it important to know your why?
What do you mean when you say “love your weight”?
How do you make the shift in your story?
How can we age in reverse?
How can you stay fit during an injury?
What are you tips for people who want to change how they eat?

Topics Discussed:

Building a brand online.
Why you need to be real online.
Why you can’t control it all.
Why you should find a solution instead of excuses.
Finding the evidence that supports what you truly want.
Truly digging deep into your why.
Learning why quick fixes don’t work
Knowing how to make the shift

Quotes from the show:

“It’s in those failures that new opportunities come from.” @NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat
“There’s a lot of support in connection. There’s a lot of following in connection. There’s a lot of teaching and opportunity in connection.” @ NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat
“I have these little glimpses of, Wow, I can’t control everything.” @ NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat
“Wow, what a difference eating an anti-inflammatory diet makes.” @ NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat
“Excuses or solutions, you decide.” @NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat
“That deepest level. That is your why and when you stay attached to that, and get that driving core motivator, nothing will get in your way.” @NatalieJillFit @SisterhoodSweat

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