My Anti Aging Device Routine: Qyk Sonic Zoe, NuFace Trinity, Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula

My Anti Aging Device Routine: Qyk Sonic Zoe, NuFace Trinity, Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula

Hi Everyone!
Now that you’re all familiar with my three favorite facial devices, the Qyk Sonic Zoe, the NuFace Trinity and the Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula, I thought it would be fun to show you how to use them in conjunction with each other, in an anti-aging skincare routine! Watch for an in-depth anti-aging facial device DEMO!


1. Cleanse with the QYK SONIC ZOE
2. Microcurrent lift with the NUFACE TRINITY
3. LED red light therapy with NUFACE TRINITY
4. Product penetration with the KINGA ULTRASONIC SPATULA
5. Ultrasonic lift with the KINGA PAD MODE

For step by stem instructions check out the accompanying blog post.

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Products used:

Nature Derived Cleansing oil + Hair and Body oil

Osea Malibu Undaria Body Scrub
Osea Malibu Ocean Cleanser
Qyk Sonic Zoe Ultrasonic Cleansing Device
ASAP Silver Gel
NuFace Trinity
Inika Organics Micellar Cleansing Rose Water
de Mamiel Antioxidant Elixir
Simply Radiant Beauty Resveratrol
Sircuit Skin Serum
Lip Balm
NuFace Wrinkle Reducer
Amala Rejuvenating Eye
Kinga Ultrasonic Scrubber

0:32 Anti-Aging Device Routine
3:21 Abbreviated Routine
4:17 Demo Start
6:34 Zoe Cleanse
7:43 NuFace Demo
11:35 LED Demo
14:48 Kinga product penetration
17:15 Kinga PAD Lift
17:43 Abbreviated Routine Demo
19:59 For my regulars
20:46 eBook

Hope you guys liked my video!

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Katie, The Organic Esthetician

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