Mageline 3-Step Skincare 麦吉丽素颜三部曲

Mageline 3-Step Skincare 麦吉丽素颜三部曲

Never let your skin to reveal your age!

Mageline 3-Step Skincare Set
麦吉丽素颜三部曲 – 余诗曼推荐

Available in 3 sizes
Travel set RM240
Medium set RM420
Full size set RM1700 (promotion- free travel set)

Suitable for
1. Dry, flaky and sensitive skin
2. Freckles and hyper pigmentation skin
3. Dull and tired skin
4. Acne prone skin
5. Busy schedule and don’t have time using too many skincare products
6. Anti aging, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, visible pores
7. Long hours in front of computers, exposure to radiation
8. Usually sleep after 11pm

1⃣ 干敏族:肌肤干燥起皮、红血丝,过敏肌
2⃣ 色斑族:面部零零星星出现斑点
3⃣ 黄脸族:肤色暗黄满脸倦容,痘痘脸激素
4⃣ 懒人族:既想要好皮肤,又想省时间
5⃣ 恐老族:害怕肌肤松弛、细纹找上门
6⃣ 电脑族:长期接受电脑、电磁辐射
7⃣ 熬夜族:经常超过11点才睡觉的

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Step 1: Extreme Balance Lotion
Efficient penetration of 5 layers of subcutaneous skin to replenishing moisture and remove yellow pigment, while balancing water and oil secretion, rich yeast extract can promote metabolism, lock in moisture, inhibit melanin production, Chinese witch hazel extract aid the skin in excreting impurities, prevent outbreaks and maintain firmness, diminish dullness, reactivate the skin.

Step 2: Youth Essense Intense Concentrate
Rare plants essence lightens dark pigmentation deep in the skin, improve blood circulation, improve skin tone and firmness. Small molecules are easily absorbed, nourishes aging skin, reduce skin pigmentation, rejuvenate ageing cells, resulting in smooth and supple skin

Step 3: Noble Lady Cream
Naturally improve skin radiance. A product that can replace BB foundation cream. Hydrolyzed placenta extract dissolves aging skin cells and repairs damaged tissues, reduce wrinkles. Rose oil lightens spots and acne marks, tighten pores, improve metabolism. Jellyfish extract reduces wrinkles, improve skin tone and purify pigments.