Look Younger – Whiten Your Teeth!

Look Younger – Whiten Your Teeth!

Dr. Denise Shostek discusses teeth whitening — why it makes you look younger, what contributes to making your teeth look yellow or beige, & a natural method for whitening your teeth. And I’ll tell you how I whiten my teeth!

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Hydrogen Peroxide 3%*:
Baking Soda*:


Per Dr. Shostek, for her natural teeth whitening method:

Use a small dish or cup and add 1 Tbsp of Baking Soda with 1 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide. She keeps the mixture at her bathroom sink and uses it in the morning and at night. If it dries up from sitting out, just add a little hydrogen peroxide to it. Always rinse several times after brushing to get all the H2O2 out of your mouth.


Dr. Denise Shostek, D.C., N.D.

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