Larymar Professional Treatment – non invasive anti aging liftin

Larymar Professional Treatment – non invasive anti aging liftin

Larymar Professional Lifting + Anti Age Treatment.
Larymar Professional Treatment is a new generation cosmetic products created for professional use.
The Bio-intelligent System of Bio Revitalization and Regeneration intended for customers with the first signs of aging for customers with advanced age and more pronounced signs.
The treatment efficient reduces facial wrinkles, clean depth and tightens the pores, detoxifies the skin by free radicals, restores the oval of the face, improves the tonicity and elasticity of the skin.
It acts on the tone of the muscles of the face, creates lifting already after the first treatment, replenishes the vitamins of the skin and restores fresh, healthy and radiant complexion.
Larymar treatment illuminate and smooth the periorbital area, and provide deep hydration and revitalization. The treatment is ideal for the most demanding professionals who are not willing to compromise and need a guaranteed effect. Larymar Professional Lifting + Anti-Aging Treatment.
LARYMAR cosmetics are indicated from 25 years upwards, both for normal and problem skin and can be used for rosacea, during acne and after acne.
The treatment can be performed all year round, in hot and cold periods.
The lifting effect is visible immediately at the end of the first treatment.

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