Introducing the FOREO LUNA 3

Introducing the FOREO LUNA 3

From the award winning line of LUNA cleansing and anti-ageing devices from FOREO, comes the ultimate beauty upgrade, the LUNA 3. In just one minute of cleansing, you’ll reveal visibly brighter, clearer skin, removing dead skin cells and eliminating trapped dirt and oil, whilst preserving skin’s elasticity.

With a bigger brush head, plus longer and softer touchpoints in comparison to FOREO’s LUNA 2, you’ll enjoy a deeper, more thorough cleanse. Easily blending into your morning and evening skincare routine you can enjoy all the benefits of an ultra-soft, hygienic cleanse with 16 pulsation intensities to choose from, as well as brand new anti-ageing massage routines.

Syncing to the intuitive FOREO For You app via Bluetooth, the LUNA 3 allows you to select the cleansing pulsation intensity and massage routine tailored to you.

In addition to cleansing, LUNA 3 offers a variety of massage routines that target specific areas of your face. Available exclusively through the FOREO For You app, each massage tightens the skin for a refined, younger-looking complexion. LUNA 3’s upgraded design features silicone ridges shaped to glide easily over your face, neck and décolleté using relaxing, yet effective low-frequency pulsations.