i PULSE NASA Space Drink

i PULSE NASA Space Drink

is an antioxidant-rich blend of superfruits. It supports restorative powers that will supercharge your health and assist in delaying of premature aging. With its unique combination of antioxidants (quercetin, gallic acid, anthocyanins, cyanidins, ellagitannins, ellagic acid and stilbenes) with gluconutrients (essential carbohydrates combined with health-promoting lipids and proteins), trace minerals (manganese, magnesium, calcium and iron), micronutrients (silica) and energizing compounds.I-pulse+ is an excellent defense against free radical damage, supporting management of healthy cardiovascular, bone, brain, and metabolic systems as well as overall health and vitality. I-pulse+ stands out as the most invaluable daily approach in promoting an optimally healthy life style.

*Sensual wellness*
*Strengthens vision Anti aging*
*Endochrine wellness*
*Support thyroid disorder*
*Cardiac Wellness*

*Strengthens the heart*
Inhibits platelet aggression Stabilize proper cholesterol levels.
Heart protection. Reduce blood pressure.

*Tumor wellness*
Help reduce risk of cancer. Fights cellular mutation.

*Cellular wellness*
Protects cell. Scavenges of free radicals. Strengthens cell membrane.
Restores antioxidant numbers. Impedes NRS free radicals.Cellular energy.

Acai Berry among other things, the berry contains powerful antioxidant properties and can be classed as a superfruit.

Bio Super Acai Berries creates the ideal balance in your body, mixed with powerful antioxidants the Acai berries give you better overall health.

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