I Finished My First Month of Using Santeva Glow's Maximum Strength Glutathione Formula

I Finished My First Month of Using Santeva Glow's Maximum Strength Glutathione Formula

Please watch: “How to Remove Dark Spots Easily from Face plus Whiten Skin Effectively”
Excuse my skin for looking a lil red in this video but who cares lol? It’s starting to look very healthy again! Besides, I finished my whole month’s supply of Santeva Glow’s Maximum Strength Glutathione with Collagen, ALA, and Collagen and I can’t wait to do a review. I really have faith that this product will work for me by the end of the 2nd month. It’s going to be the product that will help me cut back on exfoliating my skin and using products. Too much exfoliation and chemicals is not a good thing regardless if you use glutathione in any form to help remove toxins

Remember it’ll take a little while before you notice anything from using glutathione. Please do be patient and stay away from reviewers that give companies a bad name; those reviewers especially that complain about not noticing results after 2 weeks 😂 These people are insane! You should ALWAYS be somewhat or well educated about the product you are going to be choosing to use. I don’t know if this is an issue with our AA/AH community but I have seen family members eat and take medication and they couldn’t even explain anything about it lolol

Anyways..I am going to start using Fair and White’s Exclusive Whitener with Vitamin C Lotion again and discuss about a few new products. These won’t be full routine products but add-ons/potentiators. What products like these do is help speed up the process of whatever it is you are trying to receive/achieve with your skin: Removing acne scars, brightening, lightening, whitening, removing age spots, stretch marks, etc…

I will also be switching over to Asian skin care and incorporate a diet high in Asian foods. Ashwagandha root and tea is something I will definitely give a try. I didn’t notice but it was included in Nn’s glutamix Kohjin Glutathione Formula which I was sent last summer to give a try and review but I had no idea that the root is a real internal sunscreen (Everyone with acne and hyper-pigmentation should always protect their skin from the sun because the sun will cause skin problems such as hyperpigmentation and acne to worse). Asian women swear by and praises the plants ability to act just like topical sunscreens. I don’t want to take in too many supplements and you should avoid taking too many too especially if you are taking prescription strength medications

You can find more information about ashwagandha here:

Above all, there is a special product that I am going to give a try and can’t wait! I’m hyped up just thinking about it lol..I noticed that this product left people’s skin looking flawless after only one use so omg!!! Lol.

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