How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus, 5 Minute Facelift Massage & Chinese Medicine

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus, 5 Minute Facelift Massage & Chinese Medicine

Sorry about the loud rain in the first part – haha, nightmare! Just a quick video detailing how you can boost your immunity and reduce inflammation to protect yourself from viruses. Living a vegan crueltyfree lifestyle is the only way to ensure peak immunity and healthy ageing. Animal products are not only the result of immense suffering but are also full of antibiotics, growth and stress hormones and are acid-forming in the body. Viruses, bacteria and Cancer all thrive in an acidic environment. I talk about how veganism and supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar keep your body in an alkaline state and by consuming living instead of dead foods, you can live a long, disease free life. I also include a 5 minute facial sculpting massage which boosts immunity, stimulates natural collagen production, reduces wrinkles, drains sinuses, helps migraines and leaves you with toned, glowing and more youthful skin. Hope this is helpful, Clare x

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, most of my info is from my Naturopathic Nutrition course and books I have read like ‘How Not To Die’ Michael Greger, ‘Healing With Wholefoods’ Paul Pitchford, ‘The China Study’ T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell and ‘Reverse the Signs of Ageing’ – Dr Nigma Talib

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