How to Make a Face Mask for Clear Skin –Homemade Tamanu Oil Facial Mask DIY

How to Make a Face Mask for Clear Skin –Homemade Tamanu Oil Facial Mask DIY

Try out our DIY Face Mask recipe tutorial to get bright, clear, glowing skin! This homemade face mask is made with Avocado, Honey and anti-aging carrier oil Tamanu, which is rich in fatty acids to keep skin moisturized. Powerful antioxidants fight against damage from free radicals and help prevent wrinkles caused by sun damage. It also has natural SPF and helps to promote healing for scars, acne, dry patches, and more!

Tamanu Oil has wonderful skin healing properties which makes this mask especially wonderful for those with sensitive skin.

This is a super nourishing cocktail to sooth, revive and heal your skin!

1/4 Avocado (mashed)
1 Tbsp Tamanu Oil
1 Tbsp Honey

2-3 Drops Essential Oils of your choice (optional)

Directions: Apply to clean dry skin and wait 15-20 mins then rinse with warm water.

This mask can also be applied to the back of the hands or your décolletage –a commonly neglected area when it comes to skin care.

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