How to Fix Facial Distortion | Make Your Face Symmetrical

How to Fix Facial Distortion | Make Your Face Symmetrical

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How to Fix Facial Distortion | Make Your Face Symmetrical

Have you noticed any distortion in your face? I have noticed some in mine. To see if your face is asymmetrical, use a chopstick or pen to check different areas of your face.

Here are the 5 points to check.

1. Lay the chopstick or pen vertically from the center of your forehead to the point of your nose. If the line does not continue to the center of your chin, your face is not symmetrical. As you can see, my face is not symmetrical at all. My chin is in too far on the left. This is serious.

2. Next, lay the stick horizontally across your face, lining up with the outside corners of your eye brows. See, there is big gap here.

3. Then, line it up with the corners of your eyes. There is a big gap here too.

4. Next, lay the stick across your lips, lining up each end with the corners of your mouth. Finally, this line is horizontal on me.

5. Last, place the stick between your two top teeth and lower teeth. This line is also straight for me.

As you can see, I have a lot of room for improvement. So, let’s learn how to make your face symmetrical.

Don’t place your elbow on a table
In the first place, don’t ever place your elbow on the table. In addition to improving your face’s symmetry, refraining from placing your elbow on the table prevents your elbows from wrinkling. If you absolutely have to, alternate which arm is on the table. For more information on why you shouldn’t place your elbow on the table, check out the related video link in the description below.

Don’t cross your legs
Don’t cross your legs. Again, there is a video explaining why you should not cross your legs in the description below. Yet if you do, alternate which leg is crossed over the other. The point is to avoid using the same leg every time you cross your legs.

Have good posture
People tend to stand like this. Bending your knee on either side places more weight on one foot than the other, which leads to poor posture. It also bends your bone structure.

Chew food with both sides of your mouth

Don’t carry your bag on only one shoulder
Don’t always carry your bag on the same shoulder. Alternate which shoulder you use.

Don’t sleep on only one side
Alternate which side you sleep on or sleep on your back.

Exercising your face is a great way to correct asymmetry. For a great facial exercise, check out the video link in the description below. If you feel like one side of your face is harder to exercise, focus on that side more. Continue to focus on that side until both sides of your face feel equally strong.


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