How to apply Clarins day cream | Clarins

How to apply Clarins day cream | Clarins

No morning routine is complete without applying a Clarins day cream. Follow along to learn how to apply day cream on your face, the Clarins way.

Clarins is home to an array of day creams. From Nutri Lumière that nourishes and illuminates to the Muti-Active day cream designed to combat dry skin, this tutorial will show you how to make the most out of it.

Step 1: Warm up the cream in your hands — your skin reacts best to products that are at body temperature.
Step 2: Using the natural pressure of your palms, pat it onto your face, starting from the centre and working your way out. Do the same for your chin and forehead, before moving on to your neck and collar bone.
Step 3: Time to drain! Boost circulation and promote firmness by pressing your hands against your face: three times on your cheeks, three times on your forehead and five times on your neck.

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