How to Age Gracefully: Beauty & Skin Care | Tips to Take Care of Your Body Naturally

How to Age Gracefully: Beauty & Skin Care | Tips to Take Care of Your Body Naturally

Regardless of our definition of aging, the good news is that we can do a lot in order to age gracefully – especially by taking care of our skin, body, and mind.

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Aarti Kapur: – Aarti Kapur tells her own secret of glowing skin at age 40+.
• Regime Morning and evening
• Exfoliate Tone and Moisturize
• Uses Home Made Product No Chemical, No Facial
• Start Walking
• Take Vitamins And Right Foods
• Amla Juice Mixed With Turmeric
Sukirti Gupta: – What secret Sukirti tells about her Glowing Skin?
• Drinking Water
• Take any type of Nuts
• Love Moisturize for Body
• Use Facial in Parlor
• Exercise at least 30 Mins
• Take Sleep of 8 Hours
• Manage Stress
• Keep Busy Your Minds

Meeta Gutgutia: – Top Secret of Meeta’s Glowing Skin
• Don’t Use Pillow
• No Chemical Products
• Use Medicated, Organic, and Homemade Product
• Yoga, Walk and Gym
• No Frowning
• Manage Anger and Stress
• Use Meditate, Yoga, Facial Yoga
Tina Walia: – Secret of Tina’s Glowing Skin
• Regime
• Sunblock, Anti-ageing Cream
• Organic Coconut Oil
• Use Nuts & Seeds
• Careful About Diet
• No Junk Food
• Adequate Rest
• Adequate Study What You Love

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