How can we slow ageing with NMN?

How can we slow ageing with NMN?

David Sinclair researches ways to reverse aging using NAD+ and now NMN or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide to give it its full name. NMN is now commercially available as NMN capsules or NMN powder. These dietary supplements should be taken daily to replace the NAD levels in our body; NAD levels that reduce as part of the natural aging process. NAD is known to control the ageing genes in our body and as we get older and the levels of NAD drop so their ability to slow the aging process declines. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide which is the pre-cursor to NAD helps replace our natural NAD levels. NMN has shown to Reverse Aging in mice and to promote longevity.


In 2013 a study conducted by Dr David Sinclair and his Harvard medical School team; 2-year old mice were tested for muscle wastage, insulin resistance and inflammation, all are, in humans used as indicators of the aging process, they were then given NMN for 1 week

In all cases, after only 1 week the 2-year old mice were reflecting the expected findings of 6-month old mice in the areas of muscle wastage, insulin resistance and inflammation.
In human terms that would be comparable to a 75-year old having the results you would expect from a 25-year old (a 33.4% improvement). I would be happy with half that, feeling like a 50-year old at 75 or feeling like a 30-year old at 90 would be great.

In its pure form NMN is NMN, do not be fooled by unscrupulous sellers on the internet that profess to be the industry leader and sell the purest NMN or the cheapest NMN or even recommend 125mg or 500mg a day as a dietary supplement, there is no recommended daily intake yet.



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