Eat This Every Day To Get Younger Glowing Skin Fast – Anti Aging Secrets

Eat This Every Day To Get Younger Glowing Skin Fast – Anti Aging Secrets

Every woman past 40 has to frequently consume this in order to remove face wrinkles, and make her face replete with collagen! After 40 a woman will find her skin gradually aging and wrinkles start to appear. This is a period when a woman goes through her menopause. So how does a 40-year-old woman remove wrinkles and nurture her beauty? Actually we can prolong our youthfulness by consuming more of certain foods. Let us see what these foods are:

1. Finger lime
It is also called Australian Finger Lime. The flesh of the finger lime is found inside the numerous small grains the size of small fish. Local Australian farmers call it: “Fish paste within fruit” because it truly resembles a fruit packed with small fish!

The flesh is much more attractive than pomelo or lemon, look more like small fish, but taste similar to lemon. However its nutritional value is much higher than lemon. It is rich in vitamins. Women after 40 can consume more of it to enhance the elasticity and lustre of their skin.

This fruit is not pleasing in appearance while still growing on the tree. Due to its unique fragrance it enjoys high reputation among the citrus fruit family and is favoured by consumers the world over. Presently this fruit is finding its way into the French fruit farms.

The finger lime is an amazing fruit with 19 different colours and each colour has different taste as well, the tiny grains of flesh look like anchovy paste. The shape of the fruit is very different from lemons because it is shaped like fingers in terms of size.

2. Wax apples
Eating wax apples can help to protect and nurture the skin. This is because wax apples contain large amount of water and this water is pure natural water replenisher to enable speedy water replacement especially during dry winter to allow the skin to retain moisture.

During winter many women experience dryness of the skin and do not know how to overcome it. They can eat wax apples to nurture the skin, to allow the skin to be replenished from inside. Wax apples are alkaline fruits, which can be used to fine-tune the body pH, to keep the body in tip top condition.

Wax apples consumption can also calm one’s mind. For people who suffer from insomnia, night time is truly a torture. This is especially so with beauty conscious young ladies because loss of sleep can adversely affect not only their physical bodies but also emotion, skin lustre and other related aspects. Eating wax apples can help to restore and heal insomnia.

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To all ladies: From today try your best, make effort to take care of yourselves, because you need to pay a price to retain your beauty!

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