Doing Bench Press Daily Will Do This To Your Body

Doing Bench Press Daily Will Do This To Your Body

In today’s video, we will tell you all the health benefits of doing bench presses, from increasing your strength, improving joint health to promoting weight loss and more. We will also be talking about the variations of bench presses that you can do once you master the classic one.

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How to do a Proper Bench Press – 00:34
What muscles are worked when you do a bench press – 01:43
Bench Press Health Benefits – 02:34
Increased Upper Body Strength – 02:37
Strengthens Your Bones – 03:07
Increased Pushing Power – 03:32
You will look and feel better – 04:11
Better Joint Health – 04:31
Increased muscle mass – 05:22
Boosted Testosterone levels – 05:46
Helps your Run Better – 06:21
Prevents Muscle Imbalances – 06:52
Improves Your Functional Strength – 07:13
Bench Press Variations – 07:43
Incline Bench Press – 07:49
Floor Press – 08:25
Reverse Grip Bench Press – 08:58
Kettlebell Bench Press – 09:24
Close Grip Bench Press – 09:50


1. Increased Upper Body Strength: The bench press has no parallel when focusing on your upper body strength. Even new fitness enthusiasts can increase the strength of their upper body by 40% in just 6 months with this exercise.

2. Strengthens Your Bones: Who would’ve known that benching makes your bones stronger? But, that’s precisely what a study revealed. It showed that people who exercised with the bench press increased the bone mass density of the lumbar spine, the right neck femur, and the right distal radial head.

3. Increased Pushing Power: Perhaps one of the best benefits you get from doing the classic bench press is that it will increase your pushing power.

4. You will look and feel Better: This might be the best perk yet. A big chest and triceps are a great way to show your strength. The big, bulging muscles will make you feel good about your self-image and will give you a confidence boost. The simple fact is that our self-confidence is greatly influenced by the way we look.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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