Do you have Rosacea vs Sensitive Skin? (Rosacea Treatments) Signs of Rosacea

Do you have Rosacea vs Sensitive Skin?  (Rosacea Treatments) Signs of Rosacea

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Do you have Rosacea or Sensitive skin? How do you know?

April is National Rosacea Awareness Month

In this video , we are going to go over :
-signs of Rosacea
-3 Different Stages of Rosacea
-Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Treatments
-Ingredients to avoid
-Ingredients to look for
-Common food triggers
-Goals for Rosacea /sensitive skin

***This video is NOT meant to diagnose or treat the discussed topics. It is for educational purposes only. Please avoid self diagnosing or self treating.
Please see a medical professional.

Products Discussed in the video:

Rosacea Treatments:

If you have pustules and papules with Rosacea or have sensitive skin and find that most lotions and creams make you break out, a water based serum can help hold in the moisture along with a toner to help your skin hold in the moisture without adding any oils or waxes that may cause break outs for some skin types.

Some Rosacea skin conditions do not have any break outs and are more on the drier side with more redness. If your skin is sensitive from overusing anti aging products, just sensitive with NO ROSACEA, and your prefer a cream:

Spray toners can really help increase moisture in your skin. Especially if you live in very arid climates. However, most toners may have alcohol, witch hazel, or both. This can irritate sensitive skin types and Rosacea skin types.

This toner can really help increase the moisture as well as calm and soothe irritated skin:

Most Rosacea skin types should avoid products containing AHAs .

Some Rosacea skin types can tolerate BHA but only a few times a month.

Although Rosacea skin types can be easily sensitized , their skin may need some help with exfoliation to reduce the amount of papules and pustules.

Avoid any scrubs containing seeds or beads. Physical exfoliants my increase irritation and sensitivities.

Some Rosacea prone skin may do better with fruit based enzymes diluted with gel based cleansers that do not contain any sulfates.

The best treatments for Rosacea will help:
-Restore compromised skin
-Reduce Inflammation
-Soothe and nourish inflamed skin
-Support wound healing
-Help Strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls

A DIY Best face mask for Redness and Rosacea is also discussed.

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