DIY Chocolate + Avocado Facial Spa | (Anti-Ageing)

DIY Chocolate + Avocado Facial Spa | (Anti-Ageing)

This combo of a #lipscrub and #facialmask recipes made out of #chocolate and #avocado as the mains will make you travel to Cloud 9 inside-out! It’s quick and easy and of course, effective! All ingredients used are organic and fresh with high antioxidants. Only use pure 100% #cacao powder (not those chemically mixed cocoa ones) and a ripe avocado for best results! I dare you to try hard not to lick and eat these, but even I can’t help it. So yummy. A total “skin food” that will leave your whole face nourished! So come and join this spa sesh with me.

Comment down below if you have any thoughts, personal experience with this facial mask and lip scrub recipe that you would like to share and any questions! Feel free to like, subscribe and click the notification bell for more future goodies!

Bahasa Indonesia subtitles available!! English CC available!!
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