Cenizas Vitamin C Serum | remove Pigmentation | Dark skin | Clear glowing skin | Brijwasi Girl

Cenizas Vitamin C Serum |  remove Pigmentation | Dark skin | Clear glowing skin | Brijwasi Girl

Cenizas Vitamin C Serum | remove Pigmentation | Dark skin | Clear glowing skin | Brijwasi Girl

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Cenizas 20% Vitamin C Serum With Hyaluronic Acid features anti wrinkle and anti ageing properties that helps in reducing the look and feel of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Vitamin C has been proven by skin-care experts across the globe to be one of the leading antioxidants in skin care. It is also the most well-known and well-researched topical ingredients in the world. As a long-term skin care ingredient, it has been proven time and time again to be both, highly effective and incredible.

With decades of established research showing its ability to smooth, soften, and even proactively diminish the look of fine lines, age spots and sun damage, vitamin C is the first line of defense in skin-care regimens for a soothing antioxidant relief. While there is no ‘miracle cure’ for wrinkles or aging skin, research shows that vitamin C is one of the best ingredients available for long term use in skin care. Vitamin C is considered as an ultra ingredient when it comes to skin care and it is consistently one of the most sought-after ingredients to help retain a youthful looking skin. Having been used for hundreds of years it has withstood the test of time, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Vitamin C serum featuring a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and aloe veraThis serum possess and provides several anti ageing and anti wrinkle propertiesVitamin C is an antioxidant that evens out skin tone and helps build collagenHyaluronic acid is one of the most powerful hydrating and moisturizing agentsThis serum also helps improve skin’s elasticity and enhance the skin texture.

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