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J.Lo relies on Lancer Skincare The Method: Cleanse ($55; to remove excess oil, increase cell renewal, and protect skin from future damage. The brand’s Lancer Skincare Eye Contour Lifting Cream ($137; to help diminish dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness, a potent formula boasting caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and peptides to brighten the under-eye area. The stars…

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#antiaging#antirid#veronika sandul AGENDA ANTI-IMBATRANIRE pentru Georgeio si Iuliana!!! Daca ai interes sa cunoasti cum sa-ti organizezi o saptamana masaj+masti+fitnesul fetei ,urmareste clipul pana la sfarsit… Acest videoclip nu a fost sponsorizat si toate produsele afisate sunt achizitionate de mine. Donatiile tale vor sustine si vor ajuta sa creasca Comunitatea Canalului!Multumesc! Ma voi bucura sa te…

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