BODYBUILDER DIARIES | Anti-Wrinkle Injections 💉

BODYBUILDER DIARIES | Anti-Wrinkle Injections 💉

Good morning my Loves!

Here is yesterday’s vlog where I am showing you how I make an Spanish styled oxtail stew and also take you with on my anti-wrinkle injections – don’t watch if you don’t like needles!!! I put in a warning in case you want to skip that part before it gets to it!

I get mine done by Dr Salmini at Estetica in Chertsey, on the outskirts of West London. Great clinic, long lasting results, no pain and very affordable! This was my Christmas present by the way 😁 I’ve been getting botox done for about 2 years now because my facial muscles are extremely strong from lifting. I literally have canyons on my forehead if I don’t get this done! I think you should do whatever makes you happy about yourself and frankly I love it!

I also had struggles with locking myself out and having to traverse London rush hour traffic but it’s fine. Kept my cool for the most part 😂

Rest day today so filming and editing. I never train the day after botox as it can make the product come out from sweating or move it if you have too strong facial expressions. We know the lifting faces are real here!

Stay tuned for a LifeByJen react and possibly tomorrow a Amy’s Life Journey compilation react.

Much love,


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