Body Muscles vs Face Muscles – The Difference Matters

Body Muscles vs  Face Muscles – The Difference Matters

I’ll never forget the day that I decided to take my face back into my own hands.

I was in my mid-30s and I started seeing the signs of aging on my face. Like many of you, I turned to the beauty industry and started buying all these expensive lotions, creams and serums that promised less fine lines, smoother complexions and tighter skin.

In the middle of this buying-frenzy, I got into a near-fatal car accident that left my entire face and body misaligned. Eventually, my body healed, but the shock of the accident caused an “irreversible” asymmetry in the way that I smiled.

Then one day, it hit me – if my body could heal using exercises, why couldn’t my face? And that was the day that the Face Yoga Method was born.

I had to reverse-engineer what I had known about the body and anatomy from my 20+ years of experience in physical exercise and yoga, and apply the same principles to my face.

In this video, I go through the main differences between the body’s muscles and the face’s muscles and breakdown how these differences shaped the Face Yoga Method.


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