Best Time To Take Metformin Is At Night? Anti Aging 2020

Best Time To Take Metformin Is At Night? Anti Aging 2020

Should you take metformin at night to boost the anti aging effect? Metformin is one of the last remaining beacons of hope in the anti aging world, but new research makes you think twice about how and when to take it.

As promised in the video, here are the research links:

While there have been a lot of letdowns in the anti aging world, Metformin is one of the few remaining treatments that looks to work.
Metformin has been used for around 60 years in humans to treat Type 2 Diabetes, and it’s only since the early 2000s that metformin’s anti aging potential was revealed.

Metformin looks to boost your insulin sensitivity, resulting in:
– decreased insulin levels
– decreased IGF-1 levels
– reduced cell division
– protects your telomeres = prolongs life

Now, we don’t just want to boost our lifespan, we want to make sure metformin boosts our healthy years.
There’s no way we want to prolong the time when our body is breaking down.

Unfortunately, new research that looked into the effect metformin has on your body when it’s combined with exercise doesn’t look good.
Metformin can actually reduce the benefits you get from exercise.
Naturally, we need to find a way around this.
We want the benefits of exercise, as well as the benefits of metformin.

How do we do this?
We need to take metformin at night, and only on rest days.
When we sleep after a workout, we want our body to repair itself. This is how we get stronger and fitter.
We don’t want metformin to get in the way of this healing process.
So by taking metformin at night and only on rest days, we maximise the metformin effect when it’s needed, and reduce metformin when its not.

Here’s all the supplements I current take (I am not affiliated with any of these brands):
1 gram in the morning with yogurt
Brand: MegaResveratrol

30 grams of broccoli sprouts in the morning at home
20-30mg of glucoraphanin & myrosinase supplement on holidays
Brand: Jarrow

1 gram at night only on rest days
Prescription medication

When I reach 30 years old, I plan to start using these (again, not affiliated):
1 gram in the morning
Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

Brand: ProHealth

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