Best Skin Care Ingredients For Aging Skin Part 4

Best Skin Care Ingredients For Aging Skin Part 4

Their function is to exfoliate the skin, shedding dead skin cells to improve skin texture. As a result the skin is left feeling softer, more supple with an even tone and younger looking.

These skin care ingredients have been used by the cosmetic industry for decades and are widely used as a skin care ingredient in facial peelings. In skin care products the concentration of AHA’S varies from 5 to 15% but research shows this is a low concentration to make a great improvement to the skin.

Higher concentrations like the ones used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, up to 70% will give better results, but the skin will be more sensitive to sunlight and may cause irritations. Sensitive skin should not use these products.

Don’t use alpha hydroxy acids together with products containing retinol. If in doubt, always consult with a dermatologist. The most well known alpha hydroxy acids used in cosmetic formulations are lactic acid , tartaric acid, glycolic acid , malic acid, citric acid.


Retinoids are compounds derived from vitamin a and are also known by the name of retinols, see what is retinol ? and can be found only in foods from animal origin. Retinoids are widely used in treating some diseases such as skin cancer and several skin disorders like

* Acne
* Psoriasis
* Age spots
* Sun damage
* Freckles
* Aging skin…
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