Are Plants Poisoning Us? || Antinutrient Series + The Poisons I Ate Today

Are Plants Poisoning Us? || Antinutrient Series + The Poisons I Ate Today

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The theory that protective chemicals produced by plants are toxic to our healthy cells is interesting and… makes theoretical sense… and yet, further investigation of our body’s interactions with these chemicals is showing us that the truth is much more complicated and much more interesting!

Despite all of this interesting complication, applying this knowledge to our lives is simple: Eat whole plant foods in reasonable quantities and avoid unnatural supplements.

Some interesting reading:
Mediterranean diet as hormetic stressor (Full article click on PDF)

Dietary phytochemicals as hormetins (table of many) with explanation of pathway.

Polyphenols in plants enhance efficacy synergistically.

Flavonoids healthy, but at high doses can be bad. Avoid high doses, consume what would be normal on a vegetarian diet.

Tumor Cell Specific Effects:

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