Are Collagen Supplements Worth It?

Are Collagen Supplements Worth It?

I get a lot of people asking me if collagen supplements are worth the money. I definitely think so – as long as you buy one of the brands with enough of the right sort of collagen in them.
Taking a collagen supplement that contains between 5000-10,000 mg of hydrolysed collagen can really help with skin health and elasticity if you take them consistently – you should start to see results in a month or two.


Alice Hart-Davis is an award-winning beauty journalist and author. For nearly 20 years she has been reporting on the aesthetic cosmetic procedures colloquially known as tweakments, and has trialled countless procedures in order to review them.

Alice has won many awards for her work, though none for services as a cosmetic guinea pig. She attends aesthetics conferences around the world and spends a lot of time catching up with the doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses and the companies behind the technology in this fast-expanding field, the better to understand the tweakments on offer.

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