Anti-Aging Skin care & Anti-Cancer Jeunesse Products

Anti-Aging Skin care & Anti-Cancer Jeunesse Products

Benefits of Instantly Ageless

— Evidently Reduces The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
— Helps Diminish The Appearance Of Puffiness Around The Eyes And Black Circles.
— Reduces The Size Of Pores.
— Evens Skin Tone And Texture
— Helps Restore Skin Optimum Appearance

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation is a silky serum with some of the highest percentage of growth factor complex to help kick start cell renewal in skin.

This serum can be use as a daily moisturizer and primer – It can also be use as a potent night repairer when applied overnight. Because of the advanced formula found in Luminesce, this serum is one of the most popular and effective products from the Jeunesse skin care line.

Developed using some of the latest technology in skin care, Luminesce has made it’s introduction as one of the first anti-aging serums that uses the body naturals ability to rejuvenate and repair skin.

Luminesce is made with an exclusive patent-pending formula obtain from adult stem cells with over 200 important cellular messengers and human growth factors.

Benefits Of Luminesce Cream

— Helps Even Out Skin Tone From Discoloration And Blotchiness.
— Helps Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines.
— Fills Skin With Youthful Luminosity
— Activates And Replenishes Skins Natural Protein Ti Maintain A Firm And Younger Appearance.
— Luminesce Is 100% Natural And A Paragon Free, Hypoallergenic Serum.

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is a rich and full cream that protects and corrects environmental damage in the skin. While using this cream at night, the skin goes into a self-restoration phase, priming skin for a new day.

The proprietary blend of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in this cream protect cellular membranes from damage and erosion.

Developed with the latest leading clinical research, Luminesce aims to activate metabolic processes that take place in the aging process. This potent cream and beauty enhancer is made with natural ingredients to support the body’s ability repair and revive DNA at a cellular level. Because of its silky and smooth texture, Luminesce can provide you with the hydration your skin needs for a flawless look and feeling.

Benefits of Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

— Helps Increase Cellular Hydration.
— Reduces The Presence Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines.
— Protest The Skin Against Free Radicals .
— The Growth Factors In Luminesce Advanced Night Repair Restore Skin Elasticity And Firmness.
— Reduces The Appearance Of Facial Age Spots.

Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

This Youth Restoring cleanser from Jeunesse helps return the skin natural brilliance by detoxifying deep within the cells.

This cleanser is recommended as the first step of the Luminesce skincare system, as it helps the skin in a microscopic level. Additionally the cleanser is specially designed to clean dead skin cells to reveal a youthful and radiant complexion.

Benefits of Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser

— Cleanser Helps Reduce Acne, Skin Impurities And Blemishes.
— Exfoliates And Softly Removes Cellular Toxins, Leaving A Thoroughly Clean Skin.
— Helps Delay The Signs Of Aging.
— Light Formula Won’t Leave Any Oily Or Greasy Residue.

Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

This cream is the essence of the restorative power of the Luminesce line. This micro cream is a feather-light all body lotion that provides cellular hydration to help soften all type of skin from rough to dry.

Luminesce Essential Body Renewal was specially formulated by world known dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman. The high quality ingredient cream contains multipack antioxidants to help protect against impurities and free radicals.

Benefit Of Luminesce Essential Body Renewal

— Naturally Activate Hydrated Smooth Skin.
— Increase Skin Elasticity
— Even Skin Tone And Protects Against Photo Aging.
— Possesses Anti-inflammatory Properties.
— Helps Repair Damage Skin, Dry And Irritated Areas.

Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

This efficient lifting masque combine the powers of natural roots (tara & chicory root) to provide instant lift and hydration. This cream is specially combine with a patent- coming stem cell formula.

This unique formula is derived from natural botanicals from the Andes forest. The masque entry exfoliates while getting rid of old skin uncovering a glowing complexion.

The masque can be a key component to a skincare regimen.

If your skin love you, love it back and treat yourself with this unique mix of light active ingredients.

Benefits Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque

— Provide Skin With Long Term Hydration
— Cultivate Supple Skin.
— With Cucumber Extract To Help Soften Skin
— Proactive Mix Of Mineral And Vitamins.
— Gently Get Rid Of Skin Toxins And Clean Thoroughly.
— Firm And Tight Skin.


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