Anti Aging Skin Care

Anti Aging Skin Care

LifeCell Skin Cream is a fresh cosmetic product sold by South Beach SkinCare. They are making some very powerful claims about this expensive new entrant into a highly competitive arena, but the public seems to be sold, literally, as the company has had trouble staying current with the demand. We’ll concentrate on the anti-wrinkle promises of this skin cream in Part 1 of our LifeCell Review.

Among its claims, LifeCell Skin Cream professes it can address wrinkles by:

* Rendering wrinkles instantly imperceptible

* Superseding the requirement for botox injections

* needless production of collagen

* Plumping lips

Can a skin cream, even a costly one, really help you say good-bye to ugly lines and wrinkles?

As it turns out, the human eye is unable to see the actual wrinkle. What the eye sees is in truth the shadow caused by the wrinkle. LifeCell Skin Cream counters this with billions of three-dimensional nanoprisms called “fractionated silicon dioxide”. Since all those billions of minute 3D nanoprisms refract light, shadows can indeed be greatly reduced. The silicon dioxide is invisible, but it adheres to the face until removed by washing. We do note that the effect works for shallow lines and wrinkles only.

For supplemental considerable decline in the appearance of wrinkles, LifeCell Skin Cream relies on Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (AH3) to do the job, and its job is to work as a natural botox, without the needle. AH3 is indeed an active isolate that goes to work almost instantly when applied to the skin, and is supposed to operate by relaxing facial muscles. Botox does something similar, but in a much more invasive fashion. Botox is in reality a toxin that is injected, resulting in paralysis of facial muscles. The end result does reduce the sight of wrinkles, but is temporary and injections will have to be repeated as needed to maintain the look. According to researchers, anecdotal evidence suggests that AH3 has a analogous mechanism of action as Botox; however, the AH3 in LifeCell Skin Cream does not involve toxins, paralysis, or side effects caused by leaked serum, all of which are connected with botox injections.

Collagen is manufactured by the body, but lower production in later years gives rise to lines, wrinkles, and ugly “crow’s feet”. The producers of LifeCell Skin Cream have designed the product to help stimulate natural production of collagen. Wrinkles appear pushed up and out as though plumped from within, allowing those wrinkles to look smoothened out and lifted away.

This also means that lips will appear fuller; fine lines around the mouth appear smoothened and lip “bleed” is prevented. Again, some women resort to injections to increase the collagen in the lips to get that “pouty”, provocative appearance. With additional production of natural collagen, these expensive injections become needless.


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