ANTI AGING Facial Massage & Toning Routine

ANTI AGING Facial Massage & Toning Routine

This is my full facial massage and facial toning exercise routine! I wanted to share it with you as a natural beauty routine you can implement into your day or at least a few times per week. I have toyed with facial massage and exercises for a long time, but always found it to be super time consuming. So these are the exercises and massage techniques Ive found to be most helpful and effective, keeping it all around 10 minutes of time. I can normally manage to squeeze in 10 minutes into my day, and I always feel more awake and alive when I do. Please feel free to follow along with the video from start to finish, or skip around to your favorite exercises. Make sure that your face and neck are always clean and well moisturized before doing any facial massage or exercises. I like using organ oil or sea buckthorn oil, but do whatever you decide is best for your skin type. I’ve put the time markers below of the start of each technique. Enjoy!

1:03 tap the face
1:37 upward strokes
2:10 one sided upward stroke
2:40 circular motions
3:32 Lymph Massage
4:14 Zig Zag
4:35 Circling the Eyes
5:13 Sinuses
5:30 Pressure Points
6:09 Clap/Slap

7:03 Eyebrow Lifts – 20 times holding each rep for 2 seconds, you can end with a long hold on your last rep.
7:34 Under Eye Squints – 20 times holding each rep for 2 seconds
8:12 Progressive Smiles – take 5 seconds to reach your fullest smile in each position targeting the respective parts of the cheek muscles repeat twice in each position
9:20 Spoon Lift and Lower – 20 times
10:06 Smiley Fish – hold 20 seconds
10:30 Lip Push – hold 20 seconds, and then add resistance for 20 reps
11:11 Neck Tilts – 10 to 20 reps


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