7 Effective Ways To Slim Down Your Face

7 Effective Ways To Slim Down Your Face

7 effective ways to slim down your face. If you’re trying to lose weight in general we know it can be a long road. Well today, Bestie viewer we’re gonna focus on ways you can slim down that beautiful face of yours!

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Exercise Your Face : 01:22
Stay Hydrated : 02:12
Cut Back On Alcohol : 02:54
Pass On The Salt, Please : 03:27
Get A Good Night’s Sleep : 04:10
Pass On The Salt, Please : 04:10
Pay Attention To Your Diet : 04:42
Kick Up The Cardio : 05:29


Exercise Your Face
Facial exercises can actually help you look younger and work out the muscle in your face, too. A study showed that people who did some facial muscle exercises or FME’s made them look younger over the course of 8 weeks. However, that was just one study and your results might be the same or different.

Stay Hydrated
Sometimes your face can retain water which isn’t actually because you’re drinking too much H20, it’s actually the opposite. The body retains water when it thinks it’s not going to get any for a long time, so try to up your water intake overall and you may see some positive results.

Cut Back On Alcohol
One sure fire way to lose a few extra pounds is to cut back on all those empty calories you’re drinking in the form of beer or wine.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep
The body and mind needs sleep and takes this time to heal your endocrine system which restore your cells while you catch some z’s.

Pass On The Salt, Please
Remember that water retention we talked about earlier? Well, excess salt in your system can cause water retention which could be the result of your face becoming puffy.

Pay Attention To Your Diet
Diets that are high in salt and sugar are more likely to make your face puff up along with many other negative aspects.

Kick Up The Cardio
There are many studies that show cardio can boost your weight loss and help you burn off that unwanted fat.
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