6501 E1 S05CD PMEM Meditation Trailer 6DR2

6501 E1 S05CD PMEM Meditation Trailer 6DR2

6501 E1 ATAC MEM
Anti Tumors Anti Cysts
Mutual External Meditation
F718 Part 1 SMMA
Simultaneous Mutual Meditation Acupressure
Female to Male Pelvis Penis Buttock Anus Testes
Male to Female Groins Mons pubis Clitoris Labia majora
Episode 1
Section 05 P60 AI LDMO Healing Female Standing Male Lying Facing Up Nude
FtoM Deep Tissue Lymph Drainage Visceral Acupressure Digestive System
MtoF Superficial Sensual Effleurage Thighs Groins Mons pubis Labia majora

6500 ATAC PMIM Partner Internal Mutual Meditation F718 has 3 parts –
6501, 55 minutes, Acupressure Female to Male, Pelvis, Penis, Buttock, Anus, Testes.
6502, 60 minutes, Mutual External Meditation, Internal Meditation, Female on Top
6503, 41 minutes, Mutual Internal Meditation, male standing, Ejaculations

For original 55:55 mins 6501 experiment, visit –

Product used for the experiment –
P60 LDM Oil – RR001/002/003, Nourishing/Soothing/Stress Relieving/Detoxifying
G3 LDM Cream – RR016/017/018, Nourishing/Soothing/Stress Relieving/Detoxifying
G1 LDHS Serum – RR036/037/038, Nourishing/Stress Relieving/Healing/Protecting/Emulsifying

P52 Rose Oil – RR161/162/163, Nourishing/Relaxing/Energizing/Aphrodisiac/Anti Aging

G1 Jasmine Oil – RR301/302, Nourishing/Relaxing/Energizing/Aphrodisiac/Anti Aging
G7 AIR Cream – RR336/337, Nourishing/Repairing/Stress Relieving/Calming/Protecting

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