62 Year Old Grandmother Still Going Strong As A Fashion Model! Learn her Anti Aging Secret!

62 Year Old Grandmother Still Going Strong As A Fashion Model! Learn her Anti Aging Secret!

Yasmina Rossi was born in 1955, she is 62 year old this year. She has two children and two grandchildren, but Yasmina herself is still a professional model!

Yasmina uniqueness is her silver hair. Seems to be destined to be different from the day, started at the age of 12, her hair slowly turn white. But her self-confident and elegance, makes her absolutely attractive!

She was 30 years old when she began his own model career. But normally, this age is considered retirement age for model career.

And before she started her career, she spent 10 years at home to take care of her children.

At the age of 12, her white hair made her very different from everyone else and she faced hard time.

Then, in her youth, she chose to marry and have children, during this period she prepared herself and waiting for the opportunity to appear.

Speaking of the secret of health care, she said, she does not like to eat processed food, and she observed that the most important thing is a calm heart.

She saw a lot of impatient young girls, often complaining about unhappy things in life. The more complains you make, the more chaotic life will be and it will affect your beauty!

I choose to follow the heart, listen to what the heart wants. Once a decision is made, I do not hesitate, be responsible and happy with the decision and there be no more complains in life.

Human beings are very special living creatures. When we feel good, naturally we will make things right, choose the correct choices and do things right. This maybe why I look young even in my sixties.

Today, although Yasmina already has some wrinkles on her face but overall she still look very young. For her modeling career, there is no sense of age in her.

Big brands in the market such as YSL and Hermas all invited Yasmina to modeling show.

Yasmina is fluent in English and Italian and is still a model for Marks & Spencer. The photo shoot out look very elegant and absolutely beautiful!

This is one of the photos of Marks & Spencer, it is really hard to tell there is a 62 years old woman mix in this pile of girls.

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