6001 E3 PMA Acupressure Trailer 17NT YT

6001 E3 PMA Acupressure Trailer 17NT YT

6001 E3 ATAC PMA Acupressure F407 MtoF Anterior
ADE GEM GIM LDEA Trunk Groins Genitalia FtoM PMEM Bladder Genitalia
Episode 3 4 Hands Male to Female Lymph Detoxification Energizing Acupressure Anterior
Female to Male Partner Mutual External Meditation Penis Vulva Vaginal Canal

PMA Partner Meditation Acupressure F407 has 2 parts.
1. 6001 PMA Partner Meditation Acupressure F407 Part 1 MtoF
2. 6002 PMA Partner Meditation Acupressure F407 Part 2 FtoM

Target group – 40 years or older, male and female
Purposes of the experiment Part 1 & Part 2
For Female –
to provide 80-100 minutes active & passive exercise
total stress relief & multiple orgs
ATAC – Anti Tumors Anti Cysts
AA – Anti Aging
For Male –
to energize and enhance sexual ability
& to ere without ejac for 30-60 minutes
Once every 2-5 days Mutual External Internal Meditation
3-6 times of ejac every month.
Also, ejaculations can happen in 2-3 days interval.
If not in healthy condition such as getting a cold or flu, stop the experiment.

Note 1: Massaging method in this video may also help to improve health condition if combining with proper nutrition intake and aroma bath.
Note 2: Do not treat the experiment as the only final natural cure because everyone has different health.
Note 3: Do not copy the process without proper training as one may not have enough knowledge and massage techniques.

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Product used for the experiment –
P60 LDM Cream – RR006/007/008 Nourishing/Stress Relieving/Detoxifying
G3 LDM Oil – RR011/012/013 Nourishing/Soothing/Stress Relieving/Detoxifying
P3 LDM Cream – RR016/017/018, Nourishing/Soothing/Stress Relieving/Detoxifying
G1 LDHS Serum – RR036/037/038, Nourishing/Stress Relieving/Healing/Protecting/Emulsifying
P68 Rose Serum – RR136/137/138, Relaxing/Healing/Protecting/Emulsifying/ Aphrodisiac
P52 Rose Oil – RR161/162/163, Nourishing/Relaxing/Energizing/Aphrodisiac/Anti Aging
G1 Jasmine Oil – RR301/302, Nourishing/Relaxing/Energizing/Aphrodisiac/Anti Aging
G5 Rose Healing Oil – RR312, Nourishing/Relaxing/Energizing/Aphrodisiac/Anti Aging
G7/G10 AIR Cream – RR331/332, Nourishing/Repairing/Stress Relieving/Calming/Protecting

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